Booking Notice


I wanted to put something up just to acknowledge my booking situation right now. As many of you know, I am on Groupon to help generate some visibility and increase my client base. I have been on and off  Groupon for 3 years now. I typically around Halloween time and pause my deal around Easter because I get super busy.


This year is no exception... and to be honest it has been my best year yet as far as Groupon goes. With that, my booking has gotten crazier than normal. As of typing this notice, there is at least 8-week wait to get in. And even longer if you are wanting a weekend. That is even after increasing my workweek to 55-60 hours a week.


Understandably I will have some clients and some people who bought a Groupon to Balancing Spirit not so happy with this and I get it, I really do but my hands are tied as booking goes. If you are a current client, please be patient. I will send an email out to everyone in my client base when I start to slow down. 


To those with Groupons, again I do ask for your patients. If you plan on using your Groupon, you do have 6 months to use it. In addition, as long as your session is on my books prior to it expiring, I will accept the Groupon at full value. If you do not want to wait, please contact Groupon for a refund. As a business, that is the last thing one would say. But as a person, I get it... If I want something now, I would not want to wait either. 


I hope this kind of helps to clear things up and answers some questions. As always you can contact me with any questions or concerns. I will try to get back to you by 10 PM the following day. 


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