Holiday Information

Howdy all and thanks for reading this in advance. Booking issues are topic every year and probably the most important thing to be proactive about. Every year I run several promotions both in office and third-party sites to encourage new clients to try out Balancing Spirit.


These promotions are typically gifts and given away for Xmas gifts. Then add in my regular and progressively growing new client base and it becomes a bit busy around here in the new year. While being busy is a 'good problem' to have, I hate knowing that some folks have to wait that long for a session or Xmas present if it was a gift. So here are the things I do to try to help with that. This will be a longer post but if you have any questions, this should answer about 95% of them. I made it easy to locate topics so you don't have to read everything unless you really want to.


Office Hours

 As usual, I expand my office hours to help cut down on wait times. So during the week, I will be open from 11 am to Midnight (except Wednesdays, 10 am to 5:30 pm), Saturdays I'll be open from 11 am to 8:30 pm and Sundays from 11 am to 6:30 pm.


Actual availability will depend on that day's bookings of course. With this, I am hoping to keep wait times to less than 4 weeks. This change will go through March at least. If needed, I'll extend this to the later Spring.


Waiting times

If things are similar to the last few years, longer wait times will land on Friday and the weekends and less wait time for other weekday sessions. That is worth noting in case you can do a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday session but would prefer a weekend session, it may be to your benefit to do a weekday session. Last year my weekday wait was 2/3 weeks while weekend availability was backlogged 6 weeks right after Xmas. So I will encourage clients to book midweek sessions if you can make the time. As noted above, I am staying to midnight on the weekdays to help get your session in in a timely manner.


Winter Weather

First and foremost, please please PLEASE do not travel in conditions that you do not feel safe to drive in. My job is to relieve stress not cause it. If you are nervous, worried and/or feel unsafe in adverse weather conditions, please consider rescheduling. You may feel better once the massage is done, but there is always the drive home afterward. It will undo all of the work that goes into a session every time. I would rather you rebook on a day where you can actually enjoy the massage afterward.


It is office policy to reserve the right to close for the day in the case where OPS cancels school or there is a weather warning or advisory is issued for Omaha. In such a case, I do work any scheduled days off needed to make up the session. I do not move appointments around to 'fit you in'. It is not fair to put other sessions further back because of elements that are honestly out of everyone's control.


You may cancel your session without penalty when winter weather is hazardous. I would rather you be safe at home than out in the elements. However, if you choose to reschedule your session and I don't close the office, you will have to accept a session time that is open at that time under normal circumstances or late night if I can stay late. I won't work on my day off in this instance. This may push your appointment back a few weeks depending on the bookings at that time or have a session that is after 10 pm. You will automatically put on the top of the waiting list as well.


Waiting list

I don't do this year round but it was an excellent ideal last year during the holiday rush season. I will keep a waiting list as long as I keep the expanded hours. There will be a condition on it this year. You have to book a session then ask to be on the waiting list and give me an idea of what day(s) and time(s) work for you. I had way too many people just ask to be on the list last year and get mad at me later on when nothing opened up.


Also, Anyone who is affected by a winter weather event will automatically put on top of the waiting list. An event out of everyone's control caused them to miss their session; I feel it is only fair to get them in sooner vs. later.


When requesting to be on the waiting list, please contact me directly (email, text or message via the booking site) with your preferred date(s) and time(s). I do read the comments left with the booking notes, but I will add names in the exact order I receive them. So if I don't see your note until the end of the day or the next day, then you may be further down on the list.


Should I book a session or wait?

BOOK A SESSION PLEASE!!! Especially if you have a voucher from a third-party site. Several times last year I had clients tell me that they were waiting until I 'slowed down' to book and waited until May or June to come in. Some even had expired vouchers.


Honestly, there is not a 'good time' to wait for. I will be busy and I do expect to have a wait time to get in until Spring. So unless you are super patient, please book something. You can always cancel and re-book your appointment online until it is within 24 hours until session time but I can not always get you in when it is a 'good time' for you.


Third-Party Refunds

As a business, I don't want you refund but as a person capable of empathy, I understand you don't want to wait as well. So I feel the right thing to do in this situation is to at least acknowledge this. Then you can make an informed decision as to what is best for you. If you have a voucher you got from third-party sites (like Groupon, Living Social, Facebook, Power Deals, etc...) you are more than welcome to refund as long as it is within their refund policy. Balancing Spirit is not liable for their refunds from third-party sites.


I only use third party sites for holiday promotions and that is it. Ideally, I want to get to a point where I am good without them so I can not promise that I will be on any third party site next year. 


Expired Third Party Vouchers

 All third party vouchers have an expiration date. That expiration date is only for the promotional value of the voucher. The cash value (the amount of money you physically paid) is legally good for five years under Nebraska law (or indefinitely under my contract with Groupon).


Example: You paid $35 for an Hour Massage valued at $60. The promotional value that has an expiration is $60 and the Cash Value of the voucher is $35.


My policy is as follows: If you book the session BEFORE the expiration, I will honor your voucher at full value. The actual date of the session can be after expiration in this case. You at least made an attempt to schedule and I will respect that. If you book your session after the expiration, you will be responsible for the balance between the session rate and the cash value of your voucher. Payment will be required before the session starts.