Hello all! I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Groupon as a whole. First off, I have decided to forego any future use of Groupon and any of its other 'brands' (for example, Living Social). While I have been using their product for three years, there have been multiple changes to the company over that three years that I can not personally nor professionally support. I am not going to use this to 'hop on my soapbox' so to speak, but I am going to let everyone know that I have severed my ties with Groupon for any future promotions. I know a large part of my client base typically buy from Groupon over the holiday season. I will instead offer my holiday special. Details on that will come soon. 



Secondly, remaining vouchers. Even though I am not selling on Groupon anymore, I am still bound to honor any expired vouchers at cash value. It is a Nebraska Law to honor vouchers bought in this fashion for five years from the purchase date. Effective Nov. 1st, 2018... any appointments that are made using a Groupon or Living Social, the voucher will only be good for its cash value. The cash value is the amount on money that was paid to purchase the voucher its self and should be noted on the certificate. 


If it is your first visit to Balancing Spirit, the cash value will be taken from the New Client special that I offer. Repeat clients will pay the difference from my regular rates. (Rates can be viewed here) If the repeat client has any special offer, I will take one special offer and the voucher to offset the session rate. No change will be given if the discounts exceed the regular rate.  



If there are any questions, feel free to contact me