2019 Holiday Specials

Hello all! It's Happy Thanksmas Time! Happy Thanksmas you may ask? Did TJ finally lose his mind? Kind of... but retails stores are confused about which holiday is when as well. I just decided to give it a proper name is all. '


Happy Halloween' + 'Happy Thanksgiving' + Merry Christmas has been (un)officially condensed to Happy Thanksmas!  You are welcome :)


While I have everyone here, another change that is happening is to the office hours. I promise this change is for the better :)


Starting 12/1, Office hours will be 10am to 10pm every workday. Session times are still subject to availability but this change can add up to 5 session times every week.

Also, I will be sprinkling in a few half days on my days off starting in January to help offset the rush I usually see in the new year. These days will be added as needed through March of 2020 and will be roughly a '2-7pm' type of schedule. I'll start adding these later in December.


 Remember that Balancing Spirit has a membership program if you are looking for a regular massage session at a great discount! WellSpirits released in May of last year and it has been amazing! As a general overview, all sessions and purchases are 25% off with a signed monthly membership agreement. The membership itself is completely free with no hidden strings! Some major benefits included are a price lock guarantee should nonmember rates ever increase in the future and your credits never expire while you are a member. It is a non-term agreement so you can terminate the agreement anytime with a 30-day notice. Membership will be limited to 75 members in total. As of writing this, there are about 15 memberships left.

If you would like more information and a full listing of benefits, click here.


Finally... Holiday Special Time!  This year I am taking 30% off of all Gift Certificates!

The link to this sale is below. A change I am making this year is that I will likely not offer another online sale until next year around this time. With that being said, remember that Gift Certificates are bought for the session time it's self and never expire. Feel free to use this sale to stock up on discounted sessions if you wish. 


The Happy Thanksmas Special can be found by clicking here.



Happy Thanksmas to everyone!

Thank you for supporting Balancing Spirit over the years.

I hope to see you soon! ~TJ

2019 Holiday