2018 Holiday Specials


Hello all! It is that time of year again. The ghouls and goblins have put their lanterns and pitchforks down in exchange for pails of treats. Now it’s my favorite time of year... WINTER!!! I love the crispness in the air and I LOVE snow! Yes, I am that guy. I know it is not for everyone and the state agrees. (If you haven't seen it yet, read this story)


It is also the time of year when we are giving gifts and thanks to family and loved ones. With that, there are a few changes to Balancing Spirit this year. The first of which is that I have decided to not utilize Groupon this year. This is relevant information to those who have been keeping an eye out for Groupon Specials. If you would like a little more info or still have a voucher, click here.


Another big change is that Balancing Spirit has officially launched a membership program! WellSpirits had a soft release in May and it has been thriving. As a general overview, all sessions and purchases are 25% off with a signed monthly membership agreement. The membership itself is completely free! Some major benefits included are a price lock guarantee should nonmember rates ever increase in the future and your credits never expire while you are a member. It is a non-term agreement so you can terminate the agreement anytime with a 30-day notice. Membership will be limited to 75 members initially. Open spots to become a member are filling up fast! As of writing this, there are less than 20 memberships left. If you would like more information and a full listing of benefits, click here.


Holiday Specials! With the introduction of the WellSpirits program, there will be 2 different sets of specials this year. One set for members and a set non-members. All the online pricing is at the non-membership rates. WellSpirit Members will either need to contact me via email or in person at your next session to receive the additional discount off of gift certificates.


The Gift Certificates promotion can be found by clicking here.

Those buying prepaid packages will need to follow this link.


Non-Member Specials

20% off of all gift certificates and prepaid packages

$20 referral credit to all referrals that book before 1/31/19


Member Specials

30% off of gift certificates only

$20 referral credit to all referrals that book before 1/31/19

A bonus $20 referral to any referral that signs up for WellSpirits


Happy Holidays to everyone! Thank you for supporting Balancing Spirit over the years. I hope to see you soon! ~TJ

2018 Holiday


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