X-Mas in July Special​

Link coming soon

​Hello All! Yes, it's true! Balancing Spirit is going to do a 30% off special on Gift Certificates from July 4th to July 8th OR while vouchers last. Just click the link above starting on July 4th! With prices this crazy, the sale will have an overall cap on it.


The rates for Gift Certificates will be as follows:

$42 for an hour

$56 for 90-minutes

$70 for two hours


Awesome right! Well that all the news I have... err... Ah well, I guess there is a reason to have a sale this crazy that I should mention. Unfortunately, I am raising rates as of August 1st. It's been 3 years since my last rate increase and really it's just time for me to do this.


As of August 1st, rates will be as follows:

Regular Rates

$70 for an Hour

$95 for 90-Minutes

$120 for Two Hours


Package Rates (buying 2 or more sessions at a time)

$63 for an Hour

$85 for 90-Minutes

$108 for Two Hours


Membership Rates (monthly reoccurring rate)

$56 for an Hour

$76 for 90-Minutes

$96 for Two Hours


Attempts at witty salesmanship aside, the purpose of this special is to give everyone one last chance to buy sessions at a reduced rate or sign up for a WellSpirits Membership at the current rate. This kind of ties into the Xmas in July thing because this will also be the lowest rate I do offer all year. Yes, I will likely do a Cyber Weekend special in December, but it will be reflective of the rate increase. So if anyone does want to "very early" Xmas shop, feel free as well!


If by chance you are interested in regular monthly sessions, you can still signup for the WellSpirits Membership before rates increase. By doing this, it will "lock in" my current prices so you will not be affected by the increase on August 1st. This is one of many perks to the WellSpirits Program. To do this, contact me and tell me you are interested & we will go from there. Signing up is completely free & I will even defer the first payment until an agreed upon date if needed.


As far as the special goes, a few things to keep in mind:

*The certificates that are on sale are for sessions time only, this way you are pre-paying for your full session time. I will not honor this special without a Gift Certificate. (Just to reiterate because this was an issue with my last sale)


*As with all my gift certificates, there are no expiration dates or 'blackout' dates ever. 


*There is no cap on how many you can buy. However, the sale its self will be limited to 400 Gift Certificates collectively or until 11 PM on July 8th.


*Requests for refunds will only be honored for up to 3 days after the purchase.


*The idea of this special is to lock in prices for your future visits &/or to be Xmas gifts. If you want to get in right away, please look at my calendar BEFORE buying a Gift Certificate. You are also free to book the session before purchasing a Gift Certificate. I can not promise that a specific day or time is open. A typical wait to get a session is about 2-3 weeks. After this special launches, that may increase to 4-5 weeks. So if this is a concern, do look before you buy.