Hello All! I made the decision to temporarily shut down on March 23rd. Many factors went into this decision but ultimately I just need time away to reset. I thought I could handle working thru the current events going on in the world. Today I was proven wrong. Lessons from my past have taught me that when I feel anxiety like I felt today, I should step away. So I am.


I feel the need to get into a few other things. The cliff notes are as follows; further details will be afterward:


*The tentative plan is to be back on the 29th. However, this may be extended due to several external factors.


*All appointments thru the 29th are canceled. Rescheduling each session is not an option due to how booked April currently is & the likelihood of this closure being extended.


* If I am not open on the 29th, I am going to freeze all of the WellSpirits accounts for all of April. I can't ethically take dues and not be able to work.


*Like with my last notice, you may still elect to freeze/terminate your WellSpirits membership at any time. Just message me to let me know.


* I am running a Spring Sale on Gift Certificates while I am away.



Alrighty! So my tentative plan is to be back on the 29th. That will give me time to reset and time to see what happens with the US and the Covid-19 virus.


However, several states have limited access to or straight up shut down Massage as a non-essential business. This list of closures does grow as things get worse across the states. Iowa being the most recent as of 10PM Sunday night. Several types of busineeses (including Massage) in Iowa are closed for an unspecified amount of time. Other states like New York and Michigan, their restrictions lift on April 30th. Other states, it is week by week. If Nebraska decided to follow this pattern, I wouldn't be allowed to work until the restriction is lifted. I'll keep everyone updated on this.


All sessions are going to be canceled during the duration of my leave. Given the bookings for the remainder of March and what is in April already, rescheduling everyone is not an option. Especially without knowing the duration of this closure. If you are a WellSpirits Member or you pre-paid, your credit will go back on your account for future use.


The booking site will still be up and active while I am closed. You are more than welcome to book as you please to reserve a spot. As I always say, it's better to have something reserved than to wait. Just be warned with April, I'll have to cancel again for that date if there is a restriction in place by either the state or city government.


I will follow suit with the other local businesses and offer a discount on Gift Certificates. This can be reached by either the link on my website or via Massagebook.


Any additional support to any local, independently owned businesses is much appreciated during this time. I thank you in advance for any help/support you have given or will give to ANY of the local shops & businesses.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say it means a lot to us!!!


Now... a few things for the WellSpirits Members:


Just like in my last message, you are free to freeze/terminate your agreements with Balancing Spirit as you see fit. Freezing your account will only make it so I don't withdraw monthly dues on your due date until you unfreeze it but keeps the agreement alive (keep perks). Terminating your agreement will break our agreement free and clear. Just email or text me your decision. Email is preferred.


If I am not returning on the 1st, I am automatically going to freeze everyone's agreement for April. I can not ethically accept dues and be closed. That is not fair to you. But if you wish to still be charged for April and save the credit for future use, I am more than happy to keep it going. Just let me know. After this is all over, we're all going to need a few sessions... including myself :)



As always friends, please ask if you have any questions. I will have more than enough time to talk. And on that note, if you need someone to talk about things in general, contact me. This is a hard time for us all. We need to be there for one and other. Not to sound like a broken record... but together we will get through this.


Until we meet again, do take care, be safe, watch for scammers and please PLEASE fact check your information with reliable sources! There is a ton on bogus info going around.