All sessions are by appointment only. We are not currently set up to accept 'walk-in traffic' or provide 'drop in' services.


 All sessions are to start by the arranged time. There is no need to come in early. Since we do not have a receptionist, we may keep our door locked and/or the lights may be off for security reasons.


Balancing Spirit provides an email reminder to the provided email two days before your session and a text reminder to the provided phone number one day before the session.


For first time clients, Balancing Spirit does not count the time it takes to fill out any paperwork towards your session time as long as you arrive on time. This is to allow adequate time to go over your health history without penalizing your time on the table


Reasonable exceptions to any policy stated here will always be granted for weather-related events where warnings are issued and/or a Omaha metro area school system is canceled or delayed. "Reasonable Exceptions" are solely at the discretion of Balancing Spirit.


Balancing Spirit reserves the right to deny service to clients under the following situations:


      if the client appears to be intoxicated/under the influence of a substance


      if the client appears to be sick/contagious


      if the client is over 15 minutes late (in which case payment for the missed  session is still required)


      if the client has a medical condition, symptom or consuming a medication that is a contraindication to massage. Balancing Spirit reserves the right to exercise caution on the side of your personal safety if it is unknown if the condition, symptom or medication is a contraindication for massage.


      if the client is argumentative/combative


      if the client makes a sexual advance or demands a sexual service


      if the client refuses the use of proper draping (as indicated by the state of  Nebraska)



 Gift Certificates/Pre-paid Credits

(denoted as 'GC/PC' below)



GC/PC's are non-refundable after three days of purchase.


GC/PC's can be purchased at any time. The minimum amount of any Gift Certificate is $20.


The 'Late/Cancelation' policy will apply to the use of GC/PC's.


GC/PC's can always be transferred at no cost to the client or recipient. If a Pre-paid credit is being transferred, written documentation is required from the client who purchased the credit. This can be a text or email to the information provided on the 'Contact Us' page or from the messaging feature from the booking app. The transfer will not be recognized until this occurs.


Nebraska State Law states that Gift Certificates never lose cash value but can lose 'promotional value' if purchased during a sale. In such case, the Gift Certificate will have an expiration date intended for the promotional value. The cash value will be stated (the amount of actual cash spent to purchase the gift certificate) and will expire in 5 years from the date of purchase.


 New clients redeeming any GC/PC's will not qualify for a 'referral bonus'. This will also disqualify the client from any 'First-time Client Discount' unless the Gift Certificate is only for a specific dollar amount.



Late/Cancellation/Missed Session



24 hours notice is required for any cancellation. Not doing so will result in the forfeit of any pre-payment or gift certificate. The client may also be required to prepay for their next session.


If there is not a pre-payment or gift certificate on file, you will have a balance due on your account for the full retail amount of the missed session and you will be blocked from booking further session until this balance is paid. Third-party vouchers (like Groupon, Living Social) will not be accepted as payment for this. Furthermore, the third-party voucher will be redeemed and once the balance owed is paid off, you will receive a massage credit for the voucher. 


If you are 15 minutes late for your session, Balancing Spirit will contact you at the phone number on file (if provided). At that time, you will have 15 minutes from the time of the phone call to either arrive at the office or contact a staff member of Balancing Spirit and let them know you are on the way to keep the remainder of the agreed upon session. If there is not a phone number listed in your contact information, you are solely responsible for arriving on time for your session.


Failure to appear at the agreed on start time may result in loss of part of your session time. Full payment for the session will be expected.