Gift Certificates can be purchased at any time. The minimum amount for any Gift Certificate is $20.


The 'Late/Cancelation' policy will apply to the use of gift certificates. 


If the Gift Certificate is purchased with the intention for being used for a session, it will be written for the time purchased instead of a 'cash value' unless otherwise specified. 


State Law states that Gift Certificates never lose cash value but can lose 'promotional value' if purchased during a sale. In such case, the Gift Certificate will have an expiration date intended for the promotional value. The cash value will be stated (the amount of actual cash spent to purchase the gift certificate) and will never expire. 


Gift certificates are non-refundable after 3 days of purchase. 

Gift Certificates


All sessions are by appointment only and are to start by the arranged time. There is no need to come in early for your first visit. Since we do not have a receptionist, we keep our door locked for security reasons and may be locked if you come early.


For first time clients, Balancing Spirit does not count the time it takes to fill out any paperwork towards your session time as long as you arrive on time.


Failure to appear at the agreed on start time will result in loss of part of your session time. The time loss will not be added on to the end of your session unless it is at the fault of the staff of Balancing Spirit.


Balancing Spirit will define a 'No Call No Show' as anyone who has a scheduled appointment and does not show up for the scheduled appointment and fails to contact by the end their scheduled session. This will be noted on your profile with Balancing Spirit. (The best way to avoid this label is simply making a call. Communication about your session is all we ask for.)


If you are 15 minutes late for your session, Balancing Spirit will contact you at the phone number on file (if provided). At that time, you will have 15 minutes from the time of the phone call to either arrive at the office or talk to a staff member of Balancing Spirit and let them know you are on the way to keep the agreed upon session.


Again, failure to contact Balancing Spirit by the end of your session will result in a 'No Call, No Show'. This will result in the loss of any pre-payment, voucher, coupon or gift certificate and your file to be tagged.


Any client tagged as a 'No Call, No Show' will be required to provide pre-payment for further sessions. Failure to follow the 'Late/Cancellation' policy for a pre-paid session will forfeit the pre-payment. 


24 hours notice is required for any cancellation. Not doing so may result in forfeit of any pre-payment, coupon, voucher or gift certificate and/or the client may be require to prepay for their next session. This will be at the discretion of the staff of Balancing Spirit. 


Reasonable exceptions will always be given for weather related events where warnings are issued and/or public schools are canceled or delayed.