Heya! So heads up on things thus far concerning sessions at Balancing Spirit. Please check this page periodically as I will update information on here as needed to stay current with the situation surrounding Covid-19 and rules to remain open during these times.


First off, I can't stress this enough, so I will keep saying this... You can always cancel your session for any of the following:


if you don't feel it is the right time for you to be in a massage setting;

if you feel unsafe being in public;

if you are feeling like you may be getting sick;

if you are at risk with any underlying condition;

if you are taking care of anyone with an underlying condition


I will not question your decision, even if it is within 24 hours, but I must know that you are not coming in if we have a session booked.


You must cancel your session if you or anyone you come in close contact with tests positive for Covid-19. I also ask that if anyone tests positive for Covid-19 within 2 weeks of a session, to let me know so I can take the appropriate actions on my part.


Secondly, Balancing Spirit will not be held liable for exposure to any contagion or pathogen (including Covid-19). Balancing Spirit will be following sanitation & safety policies required by the State of Nebraska and suggested by the Massage Therapy Board of Nebraska, AMBP (my insurance company for massage) and AMTA (the other massage insurance company). It must be understood that there will still be a risk to come into contact with Covid-19 (or any other contagion for that matter) anywhere while you are not at home or a place that you deem safe.


This office is no exception to that, even with the enhanced sanitation measures being taken. 


There is a change that the state has made as a condition to reopening. It will be required to wear a mask during your entire session... even while facedown on the table. Concerns were raised to the state for those with conditions like Closterphobia, Asthma and such. We were told that it is required for everyone, no matter what. So sadly, that must be the case and there will be no exceptions.


Officially they have not told us any requirements necessary for masks. So for the time being, I will define a mask as a covering that can be secured on your face, without assistance while standing upright, that covers your mouth & nose.


To be clear... No mask, no session, no refund.

Take off the mask during the session, the session ends, no refund.


If wearing a mask will be an issue, then we'll have to wait until such a time where masks are not required before you can book a session with Balancing Spirit.


I do have some masks onhand but I am asking clients to bring their own, so I can make this supply I have last as long as possible. Due to cost and supply issues, I can not promise that I will have masks onhand at all times. So please help me out here.


Again... no mask, no session.


Just like before this all started, I am asking for clients to come on time. Please do not arrive early. I will have the door locked during the session and cleaning times. Lobby lights will be off as well as to not encourage the general public to help themselves in or think that I am accepting 'walk-in' business.


Further updates to this page will be unannounced, so please check in periodically.


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