Hi everyone! Lots to say so buckle in.


A general statement to any reader,


As you have may have heard by now, Massage Therapy may resume as of May 4th. As a community, the massage world is divided by this. There are those of us who are calling for a more prolonged shutdown for public health while others are more on the side of returning to work to some degree if they are not fully ready. For transparency's sake, I want to be upfront about this because it is such a hot button topic right now.


I believe that it is way too early. After reviewing what data we can and listening to countless hours of various points of view, It is evident that we don't know the full extent of this and the effects that it will have. Especially when it comes to the prolonged impact of Covid-19 on the body. All we really know is the primary symptoms and it seemingly exacerbates many underlying conditions. That scares me.


It also scares me to think about how long it will take to honestly know the impact of Covid-19 directly and the secondary effects it is having on our society once you step out of the lens of just looking at the virus. For example, look at other things like the economy, crime, politics, mental health and our ever-evolving culture... just to name a few things.


I recognize that it is going to be here for a long haul and just like opening the floodgate, it is going to have to run its course until we reach the point of eradication. As a community, we can help curve this for sure by limiting our exposure outside of our homes. I will always encourage everyone to do what they feel is right in that regard.


However, as we do more & more testing, we are starting to realize that it is not as contained as we had hoped. I personally feel that we can't hide forever and need for some level for normalcy to return. Again, this is as I look at things past "just the virus." Again, I do agree with the consensus of my fellow LMT's that it is too early. I wish we had 2 more weeks at least. But the powers that be don't agree with that so here we are and here I am.


Balancing Spirit will be open on May 4th. This will be a "soft opening" so to speak. For the month of May only, I will only be taking those currently on my client list. Anyone booking that is not currently on my client list will be told that your session will need to be approved. If that session is in May, it will be denied. This is to let allow my current clients to use any membership or prepaid credits they may have without competing with new clients. I will take new clients starting in June. To any prospective new client, there is a 30% off deal on gift certificates in the link above if you are interested. New clients may also book online... just choose a date after May.


I also want to acknowledge that not all therapists are returning because they are doing what they feel is best. This is another reason I don't want to fully open right away. It is not my desire to give their clients a place to go. Those individuals are doing this because they are doing what is right for them, whether it involves their living situation &/or their personal ethics. I respect their decision and ask that you be patient & respect their decision as well. They will be back when they are more comfortable with the situation & they will be ready to work!


Now a statement to my clients...


First and foremost, please please PLEASE stay home if you are not comfortable being in a public space, feeling ill, was around anyone that has tested positive for Covid-19 or are in a situation where you are caring for someone that is immunocompromised. I do want to see everyone of my clients, I really do. But massage can wait until a better time if needed. I'll be here at that time too. 


Things with Balancing Spirit will need to change for the foreseeable future. As rules come out about extra measures that we will need to take and being socially responsible for operating our business during this time, these changes are required. I ask that y'all be patient with me in this. I can already imagine the comments from some of my clients. I get it. I am personally not going to don't agree with all of them either. 

However, rules are rules & they will be followed.


In the next few days, I'll create a new page with all the changes that are being made so you can know what to expect. I'm still waiting for Douglas County and Omaha to release their Directed Health Measures (DHM's) before I can finalize anything. Masks, limiting the workday and reducing the number of contact surfaces in the office will be a part of that regardless.


As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Be well and see you soon!


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