Hello All and Welcome if it is your first time to Balancing Spirit. This is actually the new 'temporary' home page for a while. With flu season here and Covid being an understandable concern, I wanted to be more upfront about things Balancing Spirit is doing to existing clients and new clients.


As with most of my updates, I will leave a 'Coffee Break' version of things first, then revisit topics afterward to go more in-depth. I encourage everyone to read thru this when you get time, but the most important topics will be just after this.


First up, despite all the crazy uncertainty going on... Balancing Spirit will not close unless ordered to do so. I am keeping an eye on things. I feel safe working in my own space because I have 100% control over the work area. As the situation changes, I will adapt and some more adjustments are needed down the road. 


To those who are not familiar with me and/or are concerned about why I am staying open, I am comfortable working still because I am the only therapist in my office. I have taken other precautions to minimize exposure to things going on. A few of these things will be covered in this update & others are passive changes that won't affect your experience at Balancing Spirit.


On that note, there are only 2 things I ask of you when you come. All other changes I have made will be on my end of things so you can simply enjoy your massage. The first task is to wear a mask. It is a City-wide Mandate and my hands are tied on the matter. I get that everyone's opinion on this does vary, but it will be enforced here as well until the mandate is lifted. I do have free masks in the office if anyone forgets (or 'forgets') theirs.


This has happened to me, so I want to be clear on this too... I do get there are exclusions to the mandate. Those exclusions are your right to exercise. I am not taking that away from you. However, as a business, Balancing Spirit also has the right to refuse service as well. That is my right to exercise. Therefore, the refusal to wear a mask for any reason will result in me refusing the session due to personal and public health concerns.


And the second is please, PLEASE show up only on-time. Obviously, we try to not be late... which is much appreciated. But this is not referring to that. I really need clients to not be early as well. Between sanitation and social distancing efforts, the lobby door will be locked while in session and cleaning. I will have the front door unlocked no sooner than 5 minutes before your scheduled start time going forward. Plus, I may not be in the office if I am running errands between clients, starting late or out for lunch. It kind of defeats the intentions of being early if I am not there to begin with.


Starting on the 25th, my Black Friday Special will go live!!! 30% Off of all Gift Certificates thru 11 PM on Sunday, the 29th! Feel free to share this with Family and Friends for gift-giving... or gift-receiving... ideas.


Lastly, just a reminder with appointments in general. With Covid being a thing, I get it if you wake up and are not feeling well the day of your session. Please, if you feel ill, call out. I will not penalize anyone for calling out the day of if you are not feeling well. I would rather be safe than sorry. Also, with winter coming, the weather is also a factor in showing up for appointments. If we get snow/ice and you do not feel safe driving in it, again call out. Just communicate is all I ask. No-Call, No-Show's will be charged their session rate or will result in a loss of credit.


This is the end of the Coffee Break version. Now I get wordy... you been warned ;)


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From the start of all of this, I have always said that people need normalcy to balance themselves. I whole-heartedly agree that it is getting scarier out there; however, I feel it is up to the individual to do what is best for them. I don't want to take something as seemingly simple as a massage away from anyone that feels they need a break from the craziness that is the world we live in right now. This is mostly the driving force for choosing to stay open. Plus, to be slightly selfish, working provides normalcy for me, so it keeps me grounded.


With choosing to stay open, there are new guidelines on how to operate and function during these times with only 2 rules that I am mandated to follow. Rule one is the masks and the other is the 6' rule. Those I need your assistance on. I will have masks in the office for free in case you forget yours. Just ask.


The 6' rule is more of my concern. Because of that, I am choosing to keep the lobby door locked during sessions & cleaning time. I want any client that is concerned about Covid to know that they are the only client that has walked into the office since the last time I sanitized the space & they will be the only client in the office during their session time. Plus there is the issue that if I am not in the office for any reason (running errands, doing laundry, on break, etc...) and a client is early, they would arrive at a locked door as well. With this, I have to ask that everyone shows up on time. The doors will be locked until 5 minutes prior to your scheduled session starting going forward.


Finally, there is the issue of calling out same day. I totally get that someone may feel well when you go to bed and wake up the day of a session, not feeling 100%. If you feel like you are getting sick, please call/text and reschedule. I totally understanding of this and I want you to do what is right for you. There will not be any penalty for calling in the day of and rescheduling. The same goes for driving while we are experiencing winter weather... if I am open and you don't feel safe driving during a storm, call and reschedule. There is no point in receiving a relaxing massage just to stress out over the drive home. It just undoes everything.


I hope that all is well with y'all and please please be safe out there, do what is right for you and have a happy holiday season.