Wellness is a HUGE point of massage. Massage can be viewed as something of a 'treat' or for a 'special occasion' but the health benefits of regular massage range from enhanced relaxation to day-to-day relief from anxiety/stress to the clarity of your thoughts and perception. From there, the possible benefits to your health and wellness are limitless. 


A focus of mine over the holiday season was "Why don't people get a massage regularly?" The tops 2 answers related to time and money. Then the next question was "How can I help?" Time I have very little control over besides trying to make myself more available. Money I can try to help with by starting Well Spirits.


My end of this deal is simple. It is a monthly plan that is 20% off of my regular massage rates. An hour will be $48 a month, 90-minutes would run $64 a month and a 2-hour session costs $80 a month. No initiation fees or 'hidden costs.' This will be charged to a credit/debit card once a month. Because it is a reoccurring fee, there is an agreement that you can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice. The credits you pay for you keep until you use them and you can give your credits to family and friends if you wish. I'll be adding other perks as well. But the big one is that since there is an agreement, I will also lock that rate in for the life of the agreement. So if my rates were ever to go up... say next year, you'll still pay the rates we agree to when signed. 


Your end of this deal is even simpler. Give yourself an hour to 2 hours a month to just relax and recharge. You all work hard in your life. You owe it to yourself to take some downtime. 2 hours in a month is a blink of an eye in the grand view of it all. 

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