Wellness is a HUGE point of massage. Massage can be viewed as something of a 'treat' or for a 'special occasion.' This point of view is fine. But have you ever wondered how you would feel if you felt like that once a month, every month? The health benefits of regular massage range from enhanced relaxation to the day-to-day relief from anxiety/stress to the clarity of your thoughts and perception. From there, the possible benefits to your health and wellness are limitless.


I was curious as to why people don't get a massage on a regular basis. So I asked... literally. I pooled about 100 people and the tops two answers related to time and money. Then the next question I asked myself was "How can I help?" The time issue I have very little control over besides trying to make myself more available. I have made changed to my hours to assist with that as well as spread out my promotional efforts. Now the cost of a massage... that I have a little more control over. Let me introduce the monthly massage program I call WellSpirits.


The deal is simple. It is a monthly plan that is 20% off of my regular massage rates. An hour will be $56 a month, 90-minutes would run $76 a month and a 2-hour session costs $96 a month. There is absolutely no initiation fees, upfront cost or 'hidden fees.' I even defer the initial due date of the membership to a day that we decide to set it up for. From that point, the payment is due on the same day every month.


Benefits to the program include the following:


Additional sessions in a month are the same rate 

Bonus credit is given to all referrals and again if a referral joins WellSpirits

Unused credits will NEVER expire while the agreement is active

Credits can be shared freely with anyone you want to send in

Non-term agreement. You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice

Rates we agree to will never increase during the life of the agreement


For offering this amazing program, I ask one thing. Give yourself a session once a month to just relax and recharge. Just try it for three months. You all work hard in your life. You owe it to yourself to take some downtime. One to two hours in a month is a blink of an eye in the grand view of it all. Seriously... there are 720 hours in an average month, what is an hour or two? 


As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions!