I went into the holiday season knowing that things with Balancing Spirit had to change. I am very pleased with all the support that I have received over the past three years. I have said it before; if it were not for you all, I would not be living my dreams. As always, thank you so much for your support!



However, as the world changes & time goes on, businesses must change & evolve with their clients and their needs. It was time to give Balancing Spirit a face lift... revive things a bit you may say. Part of that was cosmetic with small changes in the lobby, logo and the Therapy Room. Part of it was adding free services like Hot Stones and Cupping. But there was still something else that needed to happen. Part of Balancing Spirits mission is to help with the overall wellness of it's clients. I took a poll on how I could improve as a business, did some soul searching and now I am happy to announce the launch of WellSpirits!



I want to sum up the program at first and then I'll expand on different topics after that. WellSpirits is a monthly agreement to encourage you to take at least an hour every month to focus on your overall wellness. If you take this time for yourself, then I will lower the massage rates. That means that an hour session will be $45, a 90-minute session will be $60 and a 2-hour session will be $75. Plus there are no membership fees.


There will be an initial limit on how many sign-ups. If you get tired of it or decide it is not for you? No worries! Give a 30-day notice and you are done. No long-term contracts. Decide you want to keep massage in your life? AWESOME! And as a special thank you, the rates we agree on will never increase as long as you keep the membership. If you want another massage in the same month, any additional session will be the same rate as well. 



If you are interested in signing up or have any questions? You may email me at tjrichter.balancingspirit@gmail.com with any concerns or to reserve a spot in the membership group. You can text me at 402-714-8589 and we can set up a time to talk as well. If you want to chat in person, I would be willing to come into the office on my downtime to chat about it.



Above was the summed up version. The rest of this page is going to go over details, address concerns that I would have and I will add Q&A that comes from your comments and concerns.



The first thing I would question is anything to do with scheduling. First off is Groupon 'issues'. As many of you have met me via Groupon, it was a thing. It is currently turned off. Groupon was a great tool to get Balancing Spirit out there but at the same time, it does not suit the business or this plan if I am too busy to offer monthly massages to my clients.



Secondly, booking. I do still have to work through the Groupon's that were sold. Because of that, I am booked until July currently and will likely be busier through mid-summer still. Anyone looking to sign up, I will try to offer sessions that are outside of my set hours in June and early July to get you in sooner. It is also encouraged to book ahead as far as you can. I will have my availability open for at least three months at any time. Currently, session times are open until September 27th.



Payment Deferral... Because I want to get clients signed up for this membership and I am completely understanding that some clients may not come in until June and July, your plan will not start until your next session. However, it is also an option to start payments right away and save the prepaid sessions for later. Prepaid credits will not expire with an active membership and may be used at any time as long as I have an open session for you. 



Memberships... To start, I am only signing 50 clients up. I need to leave openings for other Groupon users to use their vouchers. As the Groupon's cycle through, I will open up more memberships with the cap being at around 85. On average I do about 110 sessions a month. I feel that limiting it to 85 memberships is a good number to have so I can still offer sessions to referrals & new clients and still offer flexible times and schedules. If at some point the limit is reached at any point, I will start a reservation list.



Transferring Credits... Ideally, the membership is for a single person to come in monthly for a massage. Life happens sometimes and that may not be possible. I get it. So you will have the option to give your credits to whomever you want with the program. You would still be responsible for booking the session under your account. Then in the 'Notes to Provider' section, just let me know who you are sending in. If it is a last minute decision, just call or text me. I need want some kind of confirmation that you are sending someone in.



I will keep updating this as I have other questions come in. Make sure to bookmark this page or keep the email handy. I won't have an active link from the main website to this page.