​Hi Everyone!!! Hopefully, all of you are relatively well in this crazy time we are living in right now. I'm assuming everyone is ready to come back. I know I am!


I just wanted to touch base with y'all on a few things. Everything seems like it is such a day-by-day thing right now that there is not much that say anything definitively.


Right now, the plan is to be back on May 1st. Technically the ban that is in place for the state lifts at the end of the month. If this goes as planned, I may need to contact specific sessions to try to condense my day down. Just a heads up more than anything.


However, there is heavy speculation that there will be some kind of extension or limitation in place for May, at least. Part of this is due to specific counties in Nebraska already saying that current restriction will continue thru mid-May.


The other part is having to do with the current guesstimations predicting this to peak in Nebraska around May 4th. Again as I stated above, directives for the service industry are very day-by-day right now. Updates will be posted on this page as more definitive info comes out.


I am asking people to book anyway to reserve your spot with the understanding that it may be canceled if a new directive does come out. There is not a link to the booking site on the home page yet. I don't really want to take many new clients (unless they are referrals) until I get back into a 'regular' routine. I will keep the link on this page. You can access the link for booking from the menu on the mobile site as well.


I am continuing with the added sanitation measure and ask that everyone shows up on-time. The door will be locked while I am in session and while I am cleaning all the contact surfaces. I will still avoid stones and such for the time being.


With the tentative plan of re-opening on May 1st, I plan on unfreezing accounts at that time as well. If I do end up being closed for longer, then accounts won't unfreeze until after I open. I'll make sure to give everyone at least a 3-day warning in any case.


Concerning the WellSpirits Memberships... I do want to make this clear. If you do not feel safe leaving home or coming into the office for a session, I get it. I really do. You may still leave your account frozen for as long as it needs to be. I do not wish to cause anyone stress. I don't want anyone to feel like they are being forced to resume memberships immediately.


Yes, I do want to see everyone and catch up, joke about stuff and see everyone smile. But realistically, I fully understand if you do not want to leave home if you feel it is too soon. Just like before, email me if you wish to leave your account frozen for May (or longer) if you have not already. We'll keep in touch that way and unfreeze your account when you are ready.


Shameless plug... but if you know anyone in need of a massage, I still have them on sale until I open. Feel free to share this page with them. Plus any referrals will need the links up top anyway.


If there are any other questions or concerns, feel free to text me or email me. I'll get back to ya as soon as I can.


Until next time y'all!




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