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Mount Fuji in the Fall

Winter Special

As of 1/1/2024, the massage rates are getting a little higher. Check out the chart below for the 2024 rates. Now, here's the cool part—thanks to this awesome sale, you're not just buying massages, you're future-proofing your chill time. Prepay for your sessions now, and when the rates kick in, you're locked in for those sessions. Zero stress, all the good vibes! Enjoy your worry-free relaxation journey!

Also please note that I am currently booked out for about a month. So please understand that if you partake in this sale, you are prepaying for a session to lock in the savings from the sale and locking in the 2023 rate for a future session in 2024. Gift Certificates and personal credits do not expire.










Hey there, party people! Guess what time it is? Drumroll, please... It's the annual winter extravaganza! Get ready to dance in the snow of savings with a fabulous 25% off on all Gift Certificates and personal credits.

Click Here for the Gift Certificate Sale.

If you want to add credits to your personal account, It's going to ask you to book your next session.

2 options for this:
1) If you are ready to book your next session, Click Here for the promotion page on Massagebook

2) If you just want to add credits to your account without booking your next session, message me via the 'Let's Chat' button below or email me directly. I will need to do a manual sale and then apply your credits myself.

The sale is in full swing, and the fun lasts until 12/31/2023. 


2023 Sale.jpg
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