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Green Forest

Treatment Options

Below are the services that Balancing Spirit offers.

Current Rates for all services are as follows:



$70/ 1-Hour

$95/ 90-Minutes

$120/ 2-Hour


All sessions (except pregnancy) may include your choice of either
Hot Stones, Cupping, Gua Sha or a Theragun treatment at no charge.
Only one option allowed per session

Signature Massage

TJ's approach to massage can be summed up by his signature session. Based on Swedish massage, it blends elements from several types of massage like Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, MFR and Sports with his ongoing training in other modalities as well. This provides TJ with various techniques to provide simple relaxing massages, relieving you of your aches and pains or addressing specific concerns you may have on that particular day.


Pregnancy Massage

This option is for expecting mothers to denote that they are in need of a comforting session to relieve the aches and pains that come naturally during this precious time. To avoid any confusion, I am not trained in prenatal massage. The approach to this massage is more like a traditional Swedish Massage utilizing a pregnancy cushion to provide support and comfort to the body and baby. Optional extras will NOT be available for pregnancy massage as to avoid disrupting the little one as much a possible. 


The 30-Minute Session

Perfect for people on the go in this busy world we live in today or those with specific conditions or ailments that need to be addressed. Originally clients with headaches or migraines utilized this option. Over the years, it has evolved to offer foot/leg massage, low-back relief and even just shorter relaxing sessions or chair massage.

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