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White Sand and Stone

I did a thing... I started a 2nd business doing Print-On-Demand stuff. Honestly, it started as 'a thing' so I can make smartassy T-Shirts. Then quickly devolved into "OMG... I CAN DO ANYTHING" and spun totally out of control *laughs* But I am happy doing it. Especially since I can do things relating to massage with the 2nd business & it won't interfere with my massage schedule. 


As a thank you, if you click on the Yeti, it will take you to the site. When you checkout, there will be a 10% discount pre-loaded for you in the coupon code. If for some reason that doesn't work (or if you want to share the love with family and friends *winks*), enter the code 'massage' to receive the same discount. 

I am also taking custom work as well. So if you have a saying you want on a shirt or coffee mug, a family pic on a canvas or anything like that, message me and we can get the details worked out. I don't charge any upcharges for this. Shirts still start at $22, mugs at $15... canvases vary depending on size and style but they start at $24. All orders have free standard shipping AND you'll still get your 10% Off the total! 

Again Thank You for all your support!

YETI t-shirt png.png

And as always Gift Certificates and Multi-pack bundles are available. 

Click here for Gift Certificates. They can be printed to be gifted or sent directly to the recipient

Click here for Multi-pack bundles. Buying any of the packages automatically takes off 10% Off of the total and will be applied directly to your account with Balancing Spirit.

Please note... If you would like to gift a multi-pack to someone else, please contact me directly & we will get that set up.

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