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White Sand and Stone

I did a thing... I started a 2nd business doing Print-On-Demand stuff. Honestly it started as 'a thing' so I can make smartassy T-Shirts. Then quickly devolved into "OMG... I CAN DO ANYTHING" and spun totally out of control *laughs* But I am happy dong it. Especially since I can do things relating to massage with the 2nd business & it won't interfere with my massage schedule. 


Clicking on the Yeti will take you to the other business, From there, there is a collection called 'From The Heart', which is effectively the stuff I want to sell for Balancing Spirit. Some of these items are in the office as well. Feel free to explore the rest of the site too.


Anyone clicking on the Yeti will automatically get 10% Off their entire order as a Thank You for supporting me. The discount will be applied in the checkout. Discounts don't stack so if I have something else going on, it should give you the better of the 2 deals. Otherwise type in 'Massage' as a discount code and it'll take 10% off. 

Again Thank You for all your support!

YETI t-shirt png.png

And as always Gift Certificates and Multi-pack bundles are available. 

Click here for Gift Certificates. They can be printed to be gifted or sent directly to the recipient

Click here for Multi-pack bundles. Buying any of the packages automatically takes off 10% Off of the total and will be applied directly to your account with Balancing Spirit.

Please note... If you would like to gift a multi-pack to someone else, please contact me directly & we will get that set up.

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