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Mount Fuji in the Fall

Summer Update

Hello All! I just wanted to touch base and update everyone on a few things. And I will probably add more over time. I never get everything I want to get listed the first time I do these things.

The Store

The Balancing Spirit Store is up and running! Click here to check it out. For a special offer for everyone, I am giving all my clients a 10% off your order anytime. Yes, I said ANYTIME! ;) Details are on the store's page. 

Memberships and Promotions

I want to plan out my promotions for the last half of the year. To do that, I need to do some planning. Part one of that is getting a head count on those interested in a membership. So anyone interested in a membership, please contact me. Use the let's chat feature to let me know. No cash is needed to sign up today, I just need to know who is interested. We will set up all the membership stuff when you come in next. 


Based on the response, it will dictate my promotion schedule for the later part of the year. Yes, I want to stay busy, but not so busy that folks can't come in. My Spring promotions got me into that issue so I am trying to avoid that for the later part of the year. As of right now, there are only 2 promotions planned. 

1) The normal summer special I run for the 4th. The Summer Special will be 20% Off of Gift Certificates and will run from 6/23 to 7/9. 

2) Fall MysticFest is on October 7th and 8th. More info can be found their Facebook Page

A quick note on Memberships and Promotions... Yes the discount is the same either way. The membership ensures that you receive that discount EVERY MONTH because your membership rate locks in for the life of the agreement. If you are not looking for a monthly massage, then the sale is the better deal for you. You can buy as many as you want and they do not expire. 

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